Archerfield Historic Buildings - 2006

One of the many buildings necessary on an airport is a fuel store, and the one above is located at Brisbane's Archerfield aerodrome.

It was constructed for Shell Oil Co. in 1935 as a 'kiosk garage combining garage and aircraft service station, similar to those installed on modern overseas airports'. The brick-built building was designed to house a newly imported Sussex refuelling wagon and was opened on Empire Air Day 1935 by Sir Donald Cameron MP. In 1938 an extension the building was constructed to allow for a vehicle of increased length. As with all Government aerodromes, the fuel company owned the building but was a tenant on the aerodrome.

Shell continued its lease on the site until 1958. Although no longer used for storing fuel, the building remains in good condition today (2007). The photo above was taken in May 2006, but it can also be seen in the background of a photo of Archerfield taken in the mid 1930s here.

The photo below shows the former Qantas Empire Airways hangars at Archerfield as they were in 2006.

(Photos: Phil Vabre collection)

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