Archerfield Aerodrome - 1931
QANTAS hangars - click here to see them in 2006

Brisbane's Archerfield Aerodrome photographed in September 1931 looking south. The hangars closest to the 'U'-shaped road belonged to Q.A.N.T.A.S., which moved to Archerfield from Eagle Farm in January 1931. Eagle Farm was abandoned by the CAB because of the expense of necessary aerodrome extensions over swampy ground. Q.A.N.T.A.S. was not all that happy about having to move because of the cost and the fact that Archerfield was further from the city. The larger hangar was erected new at a cost of £3,793.14s and the smaller hangar was moved from Eagle Farm.

In 1934 Archerfield became the northern terminus for the England-Australia air service until the introduction of flying boats in 1938. Click here to see photos of Archerfield c.1934, the opening of the international air service or the Sydney/Rose Bay flying boat base.

In 1940 DCA constructed an art-deco admin-operations building - click here to see photos.


In this vertical shot the lighter area marking the main aircraft movement area can be clearly seen. There appears to be a rocky or scrubby outcrop in the middle of the field!

Archerfield was greatly developed during the war, as was Eagle Farm, however after the war DCA developed Eagle Farm as Brisbane's major airport and Archerfield became the secondary, or general aviation, airport.

(Photos: RAAF/CAHS collection)

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