Archerfield Aerodrome Overviews - 1965 & 2006
old QEA hangars - click here for moreapron floodlightsHF antenna mastrefer to text for wording of this signV-tail Bonanza - click here to read about the first one in Australia
Shell fuel store - click here for moreQEA hangars - click here for a 2006 view

These two photographs illustrate the changes that have taken place at Brisbane/Archerfield over 40 years. Both photos look north from the old Control Tower cab on top of the Ops/Admin/Terminal building.

In the upper photo, taken in February 1965, Archerfield is still basically a grass field. The hangars in the row at right were the old Qantas Empire Airways hangars which still stand today - click here for another view. A V-tail Bonanza and four Cessna singles are visible, and they would have been the latest word in modern light aircraft at the time.

The rather quaint sign adjacent to the thoughtfully-provided public viewing area in the foreground reads "Owing to the danger from air screws and moving aircraft, visitors are not permitted on this area." Nothing about security, only public safety.

The lower photo, taken on 6 May 2006, shows the substantial additional hangarage that has been erected, including a number of 'car-port' shelters. Sealed taxiway H can just be seen to the left, and this is but one of a web of sealed taxiways. The two main runways, the parallel 10/28s, have also been sealed but the alternatives, the 04/22 parallels, only have sealed thresholds with the remainder grass. The mix of aircraft has changed considerably too, with jet Citations and turboprop Metros sharing the parking area with various light twins and, perhaps surprisingly, essentially the same Cessna singles.

The HF aerial mast in the public viewing area is long gone, along with Aeradio who operated from the Ops/Admin building. Of considerable interest though is the obvious growth of Brisbane city on the skyline.


former QEA hangarstaxiway HBrisbane city

(Photo: Top-CAHS/Will Heitbrink collection; Bottom-Phil Vabre collection)

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