Adelaide Airways DH89A VH-UVT - 1936

This photo shows one of three Adelaide Airways De Havilland DH89A Dragon Rapides, VH-UVT (c/n 6319). The photo was probably taken at Adelaide/Parafield, however the identities of the worthies in the photo are not known.

This aircraft was issued with a UK CofA on 11 February 1936 and allocated the UK registration G-ADUP on 16 March. The UK registration was never taken up and the aircraft was shipped to Australia on the RMS Strathaird, together with DH89A VH-UVI, arriving in Port Adelaide on 22 February 1936. It was test-flown on 8 April and registered to Adelaide Airways Ltd. on 15 April (CoR 578).

Adelaide Airways Ltd. was formed as a subsidiary of the Adelaide Steamship Co. Ltd. on 3 July 1935 and commenced operations on 29 October. It absorbed West Australian Airways Ltd. on 12 June 1936 however it was merged with Holyman's Airways Pty. Ltd. on 2 November to form the pre- and post-war giant among Australian domestic airlines, Australian National Airways Pty. Ltd. (ANA). VH-UVT was transferred to ANA on 1 November 1936, named Moana, and used in an 8-passenger configuration.

The aircraft had a chequered subsequent career with various operators, including wartime use in the evacuation of New Guinea and a period with the USAAC. It was finally scrapped in November 1954.

(Photo: CAHS collection)

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