Delivery of Aero Commander 560Es VH-CAW & VH-CAU

Aero Commander 560Es VH-CAW & VH-CAU were ferried from the factory in Oklahoma City, USA, to Australia via the North Atlantic route. They passed through Prestwick, Scotland on 28 April 1959, finally arriving at Essendon on 17 May 1959. Flying time was 110 hours 46 minutes.

The DCA ferry pilots, shown above, were Laurie Bond (Senior Examiner of Airmen), Ian Perry (Senior Examiner of Airmen - Navigators), Eric Sims (Airways Surveyor) and Alec Spooner (Airways Surveyor).

(Photo: CAHS collection)

Click here to read a press release concerning the delivery flight and to download VH-CAU's Journey Loogbook.

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