Aircraft of Air Nauru

The first two aircraft of Air Nauru were two ex-Ansett Fokker F.28s (C2-RN1 & C2-RN2) which were purchased in Australia.

These were later supplemented by two Boeing 727s, of which C2-RN7 is seen above on the apron at Nauru in 1981. This aircraft was a B727-77C, originally delivered to Ansett Airlines in October 1969 and registered as VH-RMS. In 1987 it was purchased, after a period on lease, by Trans Australia Airlines and operated as a freighter re-registered as VH-TBS. It was later operated for Australian Air Express and, at the time of writing (3/2006), it is still going strong and currently registered to Aviation Australia of Eagle Farm, Qld.


Air Nauru operated a total of four early-model Boeing 737s: C2-RN3, C2-RN6, C2-RN8 & C2-RN9. The photo above, taken in 1982, shows the Air Nauru cabin crew walking out to the aircraft at Rarotonga in the Cook Islands. Note the built-in airstairs partially extended below the cabin door.

The photo below shows a low fly-past by one of the Boeing 737s at Nauru.


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(Photos: John Laming collection)


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