Douglas DC-3 VH-CAO
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DCA DC-3 VH-CAO (c/n 14050) was acquired immediately after the Second World War and refurbished as an airways survey aircraft by Butler Air Transport, Mascot. It was based at Melbourne/Essendon throughout its career. The aircraft was maintained for DCA by Trans Australia Airlines.

The photo above shows VH-CAO at Essendon in September 1956 in the then new 'final' colour scheme of white upper fuselage, polished metal wings and lower fuselage with light blue and white stripes on the fuselage. The photo below was taken on Christmas Day 1961. Although the basic colour scheme is the same, note DCA's Flying Unit badge on the fin and also on the nose. Click here to see the aircraft in an earlier colour scheme.


DCA Flying Unit badge - click here for moreDCA Flying Unit badge - click here for more

The aircraft was sold to Brain & Brown Air Freighters in 1962 - click here to read about its subsequent history.


(Photos: The Collection - lower p1789-1959)

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