Devonport Control Tower & Terminal - 1965

It may come as a surprise to many that there was a Control Tower at Devonport, Tasmania's, Pardoe airport, but here is the evidence! The Tower was constructed at the time of the airport's opening in January 1950.

Devonport was constructed primarily as a diversion airport for Launceston/Western Junction and Hobart/Cambridge in case of fog, in much the same way that Mangalore was constructed as a diversion for Essendon. However, Devonport soon gained scheduled services in its own right.

This photo shows the Control Tower and airport Terminal Building from the apron on 3 March 1965. Note the Civil Air Ensign fluttering proudly over the Terminal. The low cyclone fence and open gate make a contrast with today's 'security' requirements.

By this time the Tower was closed as ATC services were withdrawn on 26 April 1956. The Tower was retained only for occasions when Devonport was required as a diversion, at which time Controllers would be sent from Launceston to man it. Most of the time, however, the Tower was used by Flight Service, the successor to Aeradio. The Flight Service Unit later transferred to a new purpose-built 'Tower' facility.

In 1965 Devonport processed 47,540 passengers and 702 short tons of freight with 3,456 regular public transport aircraft movements.


(Photo: CAHS/Will Heitbrink collection)

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