Essendon Airport - 1954

This historic film strip showing scenes of activities at Melbourne (Essendon) Airport was produced by the Victorian Education Department's Visual Education Branch in 1954. It is of particular interest because it shows not only the aeroplanes and facilities, but the various activities that go to make a functioning airport.

The original of this film strip, held in the archives of the Civil Aviation Historical Society, is in poor condition. The strip is in several parts and a number of images are missing. The images have been restored here and the sequence of images has been reconstructed as far as possible. One image of low quality and interest has been omitted.

Where appropriate, additional images have been included to amplify the subject of the film strip shot. Also, some photos have 'hot spots' which link to other pages on this site with relevant material. Enjoy!


Photo: Victorian Education Department/CAHS collection


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