Essendon Airport - 2007
retail shopping complexdisplaced threshold, RWY 35Tullamarine Freeway/Calder Freeway interchange realignment4 new hangarsHangar 12 - to be demolishedsuperrmarket constructionBuilding 79 - the 'Everett Centre' - click here for morenew construction areaAarmaguard depotAirways Museumnew access road

As this photograph of Melbourne's Essendon Airport, shows the years 2006 and 2007 have seen more development at Essendon than any time since the late 1960s. The photo was taken on 22 August 2007 from almost above the Runway 26 threshold, looking west

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In the south-eastern corner of the aerodrome, the former maintenance and stores area has been demolished (including the former Government Hangar) and replaced by a large retail shopping complex. Further to the west, the threshold of Runway 35 has been displaced to allow for widening and realignment of the Tullamarine Freeway/Calder Freeway intersection at the south-western corner of the aerodrome.

To the north of Runway 08/26, four new hangars have been constructed, with the first two having been completed in April 2007. Hangar 12, closest to the Tullamarine Freeway, is still standing but due for demolition in September 2007.

Behind the main Terminal, in the former carpark, a supermarket is being constructed. To the north of that, the former 'Brick Store' (otherwise Building 79, the first Melbourne Area Control Centre) is now refurbished as the 'Everett Centre'. Further north again, extensive earthworks can be seen in preparation for new construction such as the Armaguard depot, located behind the Airways Museum, which was opened in 2006 and cut off part of Lionel St. At the very northern end of the old hangar row can be seen the construction of a new access road into the airport from the Tullamarine Freeway.


four new hangarsHangar 12 - to be demolishedsupermarket constructionTerrminal - click here to see it in its heydayBuilding 79 - click here for moreControl Tower - click here for morenew construction areaArmaguard depotAirways Museumnew access road

(Photo: Alex Watts)

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