Longreach Aerodrome - 1925

This aerial view of the rudimentary aerodrome at Longreach, Qld, was taken in 1925 looking south-east. This shot shows the first runway strips laid down anywhere in Australia. Of gravel laid on the natural blacksoil, they were laid for the CAB by local contractor Robert Thomas Hodgen of Ibis St, Longreach, and completed in October 1922. The strips were 600 yards long and 100 ft wide. The strips at Longreach were laid following experiments patching Tambo aerodrome to form strips.


Longreach was the home of the Queensland And Northern Territory Aerial Service Ltd. (Q.A.N.T.A.S.), and this view shows a close-up of the strips and Q.A.N.T.A.S. hangar. This hangar still exists (c.2003-see below) and today forms the basis of the Qantas Founders Museum. Unfortunately it has not been possible to identify the aircraft outside the hangar.

Note the white circle marking denoting an aerodrome. The cross within the circle indicated that fuel and accommodation was available.

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(Photos: CAHS collection)


The original Q.A.N.T.A.S. hangar at Longreach framed by restored Lockheed Super Constellation VH-EAG, photographed on the Federation Airshows in the Outback tour, 13 July 2001.

(Photo: Phil Vabre collection)

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