Port Lincoln Aerodrome - 1968

The image below shows the Landing Chart for Port Lincoln, SA, dated 1 June 1968. The aerodrome was located 9 miles from town and, although its multi-runway layout might suggest a wartime heritage, Port Lincoln was in fact never an RAAF aerodrome. The main runway, 01/19, was gravel with sealed ends whereas the other runways were all grass. The aerodrome's passenger terminal was located at the apron, near the NDB.

As with most aerodromes in this era, Port Lincoln aerodrome was owned by the Government through DCA. However, there was no Flight Service Unit at Port Lincoln - communications were only possible via HF radio below 10,000 ft in the Port Lincoln area.

The aerodrome layout remains the same today, save that the main runway 01/19 has been fully sealed and extended.

(Chart: CAHS collection)

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