Strip Map, Melbourne-Adelaide - 1939

This section of strip map for the Melbourne-Adelaide air route was issued in July 1939. It was compiled by the Property and Survey Branch of the Department of the Interior for DCA. It was number 5 in a series of strip maps covering the main air routes and was drawn to a scale of 1:633,600 (10 miles to the inch).The map was printed on linen for durability and had tabs at each end to enable it to be wound on to a roller-board to ease cockpit use.

As navigation was still primarily by pilotage, the map shows the major terrain features in addition to roads and railways. The map also shows the course of the then new 33 Mc 'Lorenz' Radio Range. The margin of the map contained layout drawings of the aerodromes along the route. Note that they are all-over fields - runways had yet to make an appearance in most places. Notable on the section shown are the aerodromes at Coode Island and Geelong's Belmont Common, both of which were quite active at the time but no longer exist.


Radio Range courseLarkin's base was at Coode Is in the 1920s and early 1930sThe Pratt brothers' base was at Geelong's Belmont Common aerodromeThere are two aerodromes shown at Ballarat -  the one in preparation was soon to become a major RAAF training base

(CAHS collection - original 2000 x 232 mm)

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